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Intelco d.o.o. is an international wood processing and sourcing export company located in Croatia- Europe specialized for the hardwood and the softwood material especially for the white hardwood European species such as white oak and white ash.

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Regular grades: A/AB/ABC , FAS/COM1/COM2,  or on demand
Regular thickness 22,26,32,38,50 mm or on demand
Regular lengths: 2.000 mm+ or on demand
Regular widths: 100 mm+ or on demand

White oak lumber

  • (Un)edged white oak lumber (Quercus Robur and/or Petrae) 

White ash lumber

  • (Un)edged white ash lumber (Fraxinus )

Beech lumber

  • (Un)edged beech lumber (Fagus sylvatica)

Other lumber

  • (Un)edged hornbeam lumber
  • (Un) edged hard maple lumber,
  • Edged softwood lumber (fir, pine, spruce)